Breeding Philosophy

We started a Whitetail breeding operation under the philosophy that we would peruse good genetics and quality nutrition while maintaining the best health possible. Our genetics are solid and our free choice feed regiment is all natural. Goatweed Ranch is "Level B year 2" in the CWD monitoring program. Except for the whitetail bucks two years and older we work everything through the working facility. We vaccinate for EHD and Bluetongue and deworm as needed. We believe that good genetics optimized with proper nutrition and a healthy rumen will grow big deer. Our genetics are a southern and northern mix with a move toward those early maturing bucks.

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Breeder Facility

Breader & Deer Sales

At Goatweed Ranch you will find the highest quality of breeder bucks anywhere. Our extensive research in game management has allowed us to provide Texas breeder bucks that will produce Texas Trophy Whitetail Deer. The key to having a genetically superior animal starts with the proper diet and nutrition. To accomplish this we have an advanced feeding program that includes a high protein feed for maximum results.

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Maxbodan Semen 2 yrs old
TJ Semen 6 yr
BJ Semen 5 yr